Fire Escapes

We’re building Fire Escapes before doors,
We ponder over stakes on all fours,
We’ve forgotten to wake enjoyment’s whore,
We’re stealing thoughts that shake our belief in More,
We’ll rot into the fake ornament we wore,
In our mothers’ fake wombs- enlightenment store,
I’m still going to try and make it further than this broken shore,

No, it’s taking too long;
I’m faking along;
It’s waking my long-
Lost conscience

I hope the weight of the truth of the plight of our minds in the hurricane of our false notions of security crashes down on you as it has on me today.

Fast bind
Fast find
Dumb mind
I’ll wind
This thought of yours around your throat and then you’ll realize the suffocation with which you have dined.

Fire Escapes
Broken capes
Funny shapes
Wonder’s rapes
Open your eyes; it is all designed for you to see. Nobody gives a damn about the dust; you are no more apes.

It’ll all lose weight in The End
But that doesn’t mean you try to put off The End
It’s sad how very petrified you are of the inevitability of The End
It all holds weight and will hold weight and ever did hold weight only for The End
I won’t keep trying, I’ll just keep pushing, living, doing, jumping, dancing, seeing beyond the stupid end

My friend,

Let’s burn down all the Fire Escapes.


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