Burning You.

The fire I hold in my hand dares to dance

In my eyes with glistening tears, for this trance

My heart is put in; My feet move with the sound

Of a mourning song against this freezing ground.


This freezing ground on which you lay too- eyes shut,

For afraid you are too, of the thread I am to cut-

That ties your soul to the land you walked upon;

I would close my eyes too for I think this is wrong.


I think this is wrong- to burn a father is!

How am I to set alight those arms amidst

Which I found home and cried not one tear?

Is it irrational- this suffocating fear?


This suffocating fear that I’ll burn your loving eyes-

That would grow wet only when my smile would die;

That I’ll burn your heart, for which one’s beating could try-

My ear against its chest- to replace that lullaby.


That lullaby I would sing to you now for you

Have found eternal sleep and have lived life through.

To wrench you from Death’s embrace is beyond my way-

But I will put you at ease with this fire as they say.


Oh! They say you are tied to this world and need

To leave so your wounds can learn to stop to bleed;

For that, your son must take this fire and burn you-

So I do this to free you; Father, I don’t mean to hurt you.


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