The Carmine Beauty’s Journey

My life’s journey neared its end.

Though unaware of the destination, I knew it was ending.

The vehicle I was using had rusted, and it needed to be oiled.

So, I took a stroll down a deserted lane, alone, every day.


My eyes beheld a rose- a Carmine Beauty- every day.


The Carmine beauty cushioned between-

Fitting perfectly between two leaves,

Yet standing out, in my weak eyes.

A whorl of large, elegant red petals, seemingly stashed into its stalk.

But my weak eyes saw Nature, putting the petals in-

Carefully bringing the Carmine beauty to life.


Shaky breaths; coughs and splutters,

But the rose’s fragrance exploded in my weak nose.

Widening smiles; sharp intakes of the scent.


There were always the butterfly’s fluttering wings around,

The bees buzzed around the red beauty too.

Their sounds echoing in my vulnerable ears


Since it began its life- its journey that I witnessed.

As a small pretty, unnoticed bud.

I watched its tiny petals grow into the graceful whorl,

I witnessed its whiff transform into this explosion

Of intoxicating fragrance; Beauty that invigorates, my old bones.

I watched the flower, through its Journey of Life.

Until one day, I saw the stalk hang empty,

And at the foot of the shrub, lay dead withered petals.

It wet my eyes, to see it die of thirst.


But its Journey didn’t end, it never ended in my memory.

What mattered, in the end, were the smiles it brought;

The fragrance it spread throughout its journey.


That Carmine beauty isn’t the only traveller, who is meant to bring smiles.


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